Autumn is a beautiful time of year as the leaves turn wonderful colours. It’s a great time to go out for walks as the air is sharper, the leaves crunch underfoot and sunsets wash the skies in beautiful colours. The beauty of being outside is also the joy of coming home, to a warm fire, a hot drink, some wholesome food – everything comforting and inviting. The moment you take your warm coat off, remove your boots, hats, gloves and scarves, what is it you crave?

At Sunshine Co-operative, we know exactly what you crave because we crave it too. A hot drink that soothes and warms and soul-food that’s not just delicious and comforting, but healthy too. We searched the North-East for the best coffee and tea producers. We have a selection of Rounton Coffees: as well as Decaf, there is the round bodied Granary blend or single origin Colombian Rio Magdalena, El Salvador Bosque Lya along with the distinct tasting Ethiopian Rocko Mountain or Sumatran Jagong Village.

We have three tea producers. Storm Tea organic teas in pyramid bags or loose leaf – each tea telling the story of their worldly travels such as Sri Lankan Lemongrass & Ginger or North African Peppermint. Serendipity Tea & Trinkets loose leaf teas with a North-East influence: think of The Earl of Sunderland, Mint Mackem, Black Cat Special Brew, Nan’s Cure for All. We also have Theon Nectar’s Greek Mountain Tea, perfect with a spoonful of Greek Pine Honey.

Now is the perfect time to make soup! Choose one of our veg boxes or custom build your own. Now’s the time for leek and potato or butternut squash soup served with a slice of bread or roll from our selection of Dana’s Family Bakery.

If you don’t have time to make your own, try our ready-made fresh sauces, curries and pastas. We have a great selection of traditional British-style sauces from The Sauce Queen – Cropwell Bishops Stilton Sauce, Peppercorn & Brandy and Garlic Butter & Parsley to name but a few, poured over your choice of meat, fish or vegetables. DaVi’s fresh pasta and ravioli are simple yet delicious with a flavour for everyone – meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Pair with a delicious Italian tomato based sauce.

And then we have Britain’s favourite food – curry! We have curry kits from Mazzeh Spice, cooked just like his mother made them with Parsi spices shining through and Mandala Express’ fresh curries with eight flavours to choose from Glasgow Tikka Masala up to the hottest Ghost Phall. The heat certainly does not disguise the amazing flavour.

We are very proud to have such outstanding producers at Sunshine Co-operative, whose passion and dedication comes through in the taste! We look forward to adding more amazing products to our online shop. Remember deliveries are free for £15 and over and when it’s cold outside, why not let us bring your shopping to you.