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Handmade Beeswax Beehive Skep Candle made in Durham by South Durham Honey. No artificial scents, or petroleum-based paraffin candles here – just one pure, simple ingredient; beeswax. What a beautiful shape too!

One of the great benefits of beeswax candles is that as it burns, it combats indoor air pollution by releasing negative ions into the air, neutralising air pollutants – mold spores, pollen, dander, odours, germs, dust and other nasty particles and rendering them harmless. They become too heavy to remain airborne, so they drop to the floor other other surfaces where they can be easily cleaned.

The health benefits of negative ions are reported to be as follows:

Improving breathing rate, decreasing blood pressure and relieving tension. It may be that they may combat free radicals in your body too.

Helping you sleep better by normalizing serotonin in the brain.

Increasing a sense of well-being and mental clarity. Often called a natural anti-depressant, especially for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Candles also help to create a more relaxed environment and comforting ambiance as the soft light they emit, has the same light spectrum as the sun.

Beeswax has a high melting point which means the candles last longer, drip less (less mess).

100% Natural Beeswax & Cotton Wick

9cm High



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UK (Sourced from Durham)

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