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Our naturally slow fermented purple sauerkraut (Kraut) is ‘raw, live and unpasteurised’ it has a bright sweet and sour, earthy, gently gingery flavour and crunchy texture. It is packed full of gut friendly lactic acid bacteria and pro-biotics. It is very versatile, and adds the transformative sour flavour for perfect flavour balance in your meals .

Our favourite ways to enjoy it: as a ‘straight from the jar’ side dish, a ‘help yourself’ bowl on your dinner table makes a great addition to most meals, toss through a salad, great with a cheeseboard. Good with Indian food. The juice makes a great salad dressing base liquid.

These products are best kept in the fridge. This is because, they are ‘raw, live and unpasteurised’ and so full of the heathful gentle bacterias and pro-biotics. If they get warm, they will begin to ferment again, the living bacteria will produce carbon dioxide, the lid may bulge, and liquid may begin to leak out under the pressure. This is perfectly natural and demonstrates the bio-activity of the products. This does not mean the products have ‘gone off’.

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Country of Origin

UK (Sourced from Newcastle)

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Ingredients: Red cabbage, mouli, green apple, ginger, sea salt. (no allergens)

Allergens: See above in bold.



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