Eco Disposable Tea Filter


100 bags

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Large Mug or 2 to 4 cup teapots. ( Approximately 160mm x 75mm)

  • Easy to use and dispose of – fully degradable.
  • Long Filling Tongue and Heat Sealable for extra convenience
  • Allows you to use your favourite loose leaf tea or ground coffee ‘on the go’.
  • Can also be used to hold herbs or spices when cooking.

To Use: Simply spoon in your chosen tea. Fold the long tongue over the edge of the cup/teapot and pour on your hot water. Remove and set aside once the tea is brewed.
These handy little filters are light enough to pack when going away and give you back the flexibility of teabags when using loose leaf tea. For added convenience, you can heat seal these bags, especially useful when going away as you can make up several bags at once and keep them until needed.

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