Fentimans Lemon Shandy


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Traditionally brewed craft beer blended with natural lemon juice to deliver maximum flavour and refreshment. Pour over ice into a tall glass and garnish with a slice of lemon. No more than 0.5% alcohol per volume.

Botanically Brewed​

Made using the time-honoured botanical brewing process, all natural ingredients are infused, skilfully blended and fermented for a full 7 days for unsurpassed quality and unrivalled flavour. ​

Botanically Brewed isn’t a trendy label we use for marketing; it’s the technique of making premium quality drinks, that has been handed from generation to generation of the Fentimans family since 1905.





Ingredients. Carbonated Water, Beer 45% (Water, Malt, Sugar, Hops, Yeast), Sugar, Lemon Juice From Conentrate (2%), Natural Flavourings (Lemon, Orange), Citric Acid.