Merry Chimpmas Cranberry Sauce


This Merry Chimpmas Cranberry Sauce

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This Merry Chimpmas Cranberry Sauce contains delicious Cranberries (80%), Aji Charapita chilli, Aji Phantasy chilli and Bird Eye chilli, Orange and Orange juice, Filtered Water, Demerara sugar, Ginger and Sweet Cinnamon.

We have tried various recipes, with different combinations of chillies and think this is the best one yet.

This Cranberry sauce is delicious with your Chimpmas dinner, cold meats, Ploughman’s lunch, or mix in to you stews and have it with steak. This sauce really is a winner winner Chimp on your dinner and great with any meal.

Aji Charapita chillies are between 30,000-50,000 shu (Scoville Heat Units) and the most expensive chillies in the world at £20,000 per kilo, so you really are tasting gold when you buy this sauce.

Keep on Chimpin’

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Ingredients: Cranberries (80%), Demerara sugar,Oranges,Orange Juice, Water, Chillies,Ginger,Cinamon

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