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You can’t get much more seasonal than munching freshly boiled or steamed sweetcorn straight from the cob. A knob of butter or non-dairy alternative is as complicated as you need to make it. Alternatively, cut off the cob with a sharp knife to add to dishes, or just as a side.

And contrary to popular belief it’s one of your 5-a-day and healthy! Just because it comes out looking intact, doesn’t mean it hasn’t worked its magic on its way round 😉

Wash before eating.

* Like us, not all fruit or vegetables are perfectly formed. We don’t believe in discriminating against misshapen carrots or imperfect potatoes and in fact, love them for their flaws. A less than round apple is still as tasty as their perfectly formed cousins. Unless your produce is clearly defective, please accept them as Nature intended.

Additional information

Storage info

Best kept in the fridge in the leaves until ready to use.

Health benefits

Corn, along with other yellow and orange veggies, is rich in anti-oxidants lutein and beta-carotene – essential for preventing eye diseases. Corn also contains certain B vitamins and vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.
Sweetcorn does have high amounts of insoluble fibre – which is why the husks of the corn kernels don’t get broken down – but apparently that’s good for your gut, as it feeds the good bacteria in your stomach! With a growing amount of people gluten intolerant, corn is naturally gluten-free, which is why in its flour form – maize it is used to make gluten-free pastas and is a healthy alternative to wheat.
Any health content is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other healthcare professional.

Country of Origin

UK (Sourced from Tadcaster)

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