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Warm & soothing spices for your tea

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Masala Chai (spiced tea) is an easy way to add, warm soothing spice to your usual cup of tea. Whether you choose to take tea black, with milk or with sugar, simply stir a quarter teaspoon of the spice mix into your tea and enjoy Mazzeh Spice’s family’s subtle blend.

The spice mix will not dissolve completely. If left, they will sink to the bottom of the cup. However, there is no harm in swallowing these delicate spices.

Mazzeh Spice’s mum would give them a spice tea whenever they had a cold or a sore throat.


  1. Make a cup of tea as you usually serve it.
  2. Add a quarter of a cup to your tea and stir.
  3. Increase or decrease the amount of spice to taste.


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Country of Origin

Produced in the UK (Sourced from Chester-Le-Street)

Miles travelled to get to us



Ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, cloves, pepper, star anise.

Allergens: see ingredients in bold.


Mazzeh Spice