Organic Parsnips (Shrops)





A cousin of the carrot, this sweetly flavoured root vegetable which is native to our shores, can be used in much the same way as potatoes: mashed, roasted, made into chips or crisps and added to soups.

Wash before eating.

* Like us, not all fruit or vegetables are perfectly formed and are not uniform in size. We don’t believe in discriminating against misshapen carrots or imperfect potatoes and in fact, love them for their flaws. A less than round apple is still as tasty as their perfectly formed cousins. Taste is what we believe in, because it’s what’s inside that counts. Unless your produce is clearly defective, please accept them as Nature intended.

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500g, 800g

Storage info

Best stored in a bag in the refrigerator although they will keep for a shorter amount of time in a dark, cool, dry place.

Health benefits

As health and wellness go, the parsnip is a good 'un. The most important health benefits include their ability to improve heart health, enhance digestion, reduce birth defects, aid in weight loss, and boost the immune system. Parsnips also enhance vision, promote growth, boost oral and skin health, prevent diabetes and cancer, as well as strengthen brain health. Rich in potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and iron, with high levels of soluble fibre and vitamin C.
Any health content is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other healthcare professional.

Country of Origin

UK (Sourced from Tadcaster)

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