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This blend was originally developed when their children were small, they were forever asking for sodas or other sugar-laden drinks or they wanted to emulate us by having a cup of tea. They knew that tea had a lot of health benefits but caffeine and small children is not a winning combination. They theorized that the Herb and Fruit teas are full of natural fruits which are very tasty and refreshing; there are significant amounts of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients in these dried fruits and they are caffeine free so all they had to do was make a blend that was appealing to children’s taste buds. Interestingly, this tea has developed into a whole family favourite, it is so versatile.

Country of origin: Canada / USA / Thailand / Spain
Caffeine content: Naturally caffeine free
Antioxidant Level: Low
Preparation: 1 heaped teaspoon of tea. 100 C 5 – 10minutes
Serving Suggestion: Tastes great hot with Honey, as an ice pop in summer or over ice with a drop of Gin. For iced drinks either cold brew overnight or brew as for hot but use more tea leaves to make a more intense flavour.                                         Packaging: Compostable.

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Ingredients: Apple Elderberry Currant Rosehip Orange pieces, Hibiscus Cornflower petals, Natural flavours

Allergens: see ingredients in bold.



The Tea Enthusiasts